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Sustainability Coordinator
U of S Office of Sustainability

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Allyson Brady

Executive Director
Saskatchewan Environmental Society
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Margret Asmuss

Sustainability Coordinator
U of S Office of Sustainability
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Over the years, I have had many reference letters written for me. I have also received some lovely accolades at school events. Following are a selection of quotes taken from these letters and speeches.

Eric Rowley | Student Representative Council Advisor (2012–2016)

"My role as Staff Advisor for the Student Representative Council (SRC) had me overseeing the amazing work [Sydney] was doing as a member of the council to make student life at WMCI the best it could possibly be."

"Sydney . . . was in a league of her own – going above and beyond the call of duty for her position. Through her actions and selfless donation of time, she took more of a lead and made more of a difference on the SRC than veteran members with more demanding positions."

"In [the role of pep rally coordinator], she exceeded expectations with her amazing communication and planning skills. Not once did I stress out or worry about a pep rally as Sydney could always be counted on to rise to the challenge, stay cool, calm and collected under pressure and always have 'everything covered.'"

Karen Peterson | Vice Principal (2012–2016)

"I have been extremely impressed with Sydney's enthusiasm for learning along with her contributions to our school community."

"She has attacked her academics and contributions to the Student Representative Council with confidence and vigour."

"She continues to successfully navigate through communication and organizational challenges with professionalism and commitment."

"Constantly striving for excellence, Sydney invariable put her best effort into her studies achieving high honors in all of her classes. [She] brings new meaning to the term ‘young adult’ contemplating each circumstance with a view to the larger community rather than just her own interests."

Master Duk Ha | Taekwondo Coach (2007 – 2015)

"She knew what she needed to do in order to accomplish her goals. If she did not succeed at first, she would not give up but try harder until she succeeded."

"She positively impacted the lives of the young children by helping them grow their self-confidence and strive to be their best. Sydney is a compassionate person who truly enjoys helping other[s] meet their goals."