Area of Interest

Throughout my childhood, I was always interested in ecology and conservation. This is still true today, and it is reflected by my choice of study. Understanding biodiversity and how it affects regional ecosystems, urban environments, and industries such as agriculture is very important to me. I am also very interested in the social side of the environment, including environmental history, philosophy, and politics.

I believe a local approach is crucial for studying the environment, so fostering local curiosity and engagement is something I hope to do throughout my education and career. I would like to do this with a combination of volunteer work, research, and through my future career. I am planning to work in public policy, either in the public or non-profit sector.

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EcoQuest Program

EcoQuest is an experiential learning program that approaches the regular Grade eight year curriculum wit with a local and environmentally conscious perspective. With Saskatchewan's diverse landscape as the classroom, Ecoquest students participate in field studies ( in scope from day trips in and around Saskatoon to major extended expeditions) that bring the curriculum to life through exciting experiences and first hand exploration. Responsibility and dedication are taught through independent study and practical preparedness. The students work cooperatively and form a close community as they share exciting experiences and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of environmental and social issues.

Find out more information about the EcoQuest program here.

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Other Environmental Experience

Summer Camps
  • Girls Exploring Science Program (2008)
  • U of S Sci-Fi Summer Camp (2008, 2009)
  • U of S Ecology Camp 4 Kids (2006 – 2009)
  • 4H Summer Camp (2010)
Personal Experience
  • Camping / Backpacking / Hiking
  • Recreational and multi-day canoeing
  • Identifying and drawing native Saskatchewan species
  • Wildlife and landscape photography
  • Outdoor winter safety
  • Urban bike safety