High School | Walter Murray Collegiate (2012 – 2016)
University | University of Saskatchewan (2016 – Present)

I am currently enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Saskatchewan.

Current Program

Major: Environment and Society
College: Arts & Science
Degree: Bachelor of Arts & Science (BA & Sc)*

The Environment and Society degree provides students with an interdisciplinary education, preparing them for employment or further study in a broad range of areas related to the Environment.  Through exposure to science, social science, and humanities perspectives related to the environment, students develop an understanding of environmental science, environmental philosophy, policy, and environmental studies.

* This is different from a double degree (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, or BA & BSc) or a double major.

Find more information about the program here.

View of the College Building, now called the Peter MacKinnon Building at the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Special Programs

SAGE Program

2008 – 2011

The SAGE (Saskatoon Academically Gifted Education) program is an enrichment opportunity for students in grades five through eight. The program provides extra learning experiences to satisfy the educational potential of gifted learners. Students are given greater choice and self-direction more frequently than they would be in a regular classroom. Students spend more time answering high-level, interdisciplinary questions that demand independent thought and judgment. The program is guided by current research on the nature of giftedness and the learning needs of gifted students.

Students are identified for the program in Grade four by using group intelligence and achievement tests, as well as teacher recommendations, which is based on a student's cognitive abilities, performance in a variety of settings, interests, creativity, motivation, learning characteristics and behaviour.

Find more information about the SAGE program here.

EcoQuest Program

2011 – 2012

EcoQuest is an experiential learning program that approaches the regular Grade eight curriculum from a local and environmentally conscious perspective. With Saskatchewan's diverse landscape as the classroom, EcoQuest students participate in field studies (ranging from day trips in and around Saskatoon to major extended expeditions) that bring the curriculum to life through exciting experiences and first-hand exploration. Responsibility and dedication are taught through independent study and practical preparedness. The students work cooperatively and form a close community as they share exciting experiences and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of environmental and social issues.

One of the major focus areas in the program is the idea of healthy communities. We analyzed various communities in Saskatoon and judged to be either healthy or unhealthy based on characteristics such as food security and accessibility, poverty, public transit, housing affordability, and education opportunities. This project made me think critically about what it means to live in a healthy community, and encouragement from my peers and teachers inspired me to strive to make a difference in my own community.

Find out more information about the EcoQuest program here.

Advanced Program

2012 – 2015

The Advanced Program is the high school equivalent of the SAGE program. It offers similar enrichment opportunities as its elementary counterpart, but focuses only on four core subjects: English, history, mathematics, and science.

Additional emphasis is placed on inquiry and self-guided learning. An entire course in the Grade 11 year is dedicated to a semester-long inquiry-driven independent research project. The project mimics the style and depth of a university-level paper, giving students more opportunities to learn and grow, as well as prepare for a future at a post-secondary institution. Research and communication skills are taught, as well as time management and project planning techniques.


Academic Awards

LeClair Leadership Award: 2015
I.O.D.E. Leadership Award: 2016

Honours List: 2012–2013, 2015–2016
High Honours List: 2013–2014, 2014–2015

Other Awards

Honourable Mention, Regional Science Fair: 2013
Canadian Federation of Women Award, Regional Science Fair: 2013

Bronze, Regional Envirothon Competition: 2015

Education Goals

I have always enjoyed an academic challenge, which is why I chose the program I am currently enrolled in. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts & Science (BA & Sc) at the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Arts & Science. My major, Environment and Society, provides students with an interdisciplinary approach that prepares us for employment or further study in a broad range of areas related to the Environment. Requirements in both sciences (e.g. biology, chemistry, geography) and humanities (e.g. english, political studies, history) attracted me to the major.

I like the interdisciplinary approach that my degree provides, and I am challenged by the increased number of required courses. These aspects of the program leave graduates with a Bachelor of Arts & Science (not to be mistaken for a double degree, or Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science). I am also planning to minor in political studies, which will help me prepare for a future career in politics or law.

After I finish my undergraduate degree (2020), my goal is to attend law school and get an environmental or civil law degree. I am considering Dalhousie University, the University of British Columbia, and McGill University for this step of my education. Although I do not have any specific plans yet, I would love to be the first person in my family to earn a PhD.