I am Sydney Boulton.

A graduate of Walter Murray Collegiate, I am currently completing the Environment and Society degree (BA & Sc) at the University of Saskatchewan.

Please feel free to explore this online resume to find out more about my education and employment history, as well as my leadership and environmental experience.

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My references, as well as some testimonials to my skills and capabilities, can be found on the last page.

As an industrious and goal-oriented individual, I bring an outgoing energy to every position and organization I become a part of. My ability to lead and initiate positive change while still respecting authority and hierarchy make me well suited for a position that involves working in a team environment or interacting with people. My ability to adapt and learn quickly allows me to quickly succeed in any assigned role.

I believe my passion for science and the environment combined with my experience working with and organizing teams and events make a perfect fit for a variety of positions.

Download my resume as a PDF file here.